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Artist Spotlight: Gus Dapperton

Artist Spotlight: Gus Dapperton

I started following Gus Dapperton this last year, as he’s relatively new to the music scene but is dominating it. He released a few songs in 2016 but it wasn’t until his single “I’m Just Snacking” in 2017 that a lot of people, including myself […]

You’re such a Peech, Welcome!

You’re such a Peech, Welcome!

Hello Peeches! My name is Ariana aka the creator of Peechy Keen. I have made it my 2018 goal to take this blog seriously and put some blood and sweat into it. I love the blogging community and everything it inspires! I am currently working […]

2018: A New Year, But is it Really a New You?

2018: A New Year, But is it Really a New You?

Every year we are filled with hope and inspiration for a new year, a fresh start, and a new mentality (hence, the creation of New Years resolutions.) However, most new years resolutions are completely abandoned by the time February rolls around, and I am no exception. I am the queen of abandoning resolutions for that chocolate bar that has been tormenting me for the past five minutes, but not this year! I have made a resolution to stick to my resolutions and with that challenge I thought of resolutions that could be realistic and provide the most personal progress. For instance I wouldn’t make a resolution to cut out processed sugars, because not only is that the easiest resolution to give up within a week when I see that delicious chocolate bar at the market, but also it creates no mental progress. Yes, I may be a bit healthier but it’s not a long-term solution. If my goal is to be healthier I believe the best way to go about it is create a healthier mind and then the body and food decisions will follow. 2017 was a year of hard knocks and the lowest of lows, but I am determined to make 2018 great so when next year on New Year’s Eve rolls around I can be proud of the steps I took toward progressing myself. I hope this inspires all of you to really think about your resolutions this year and stick to them. I would also love to hear the resolutions you have for yourselves to inspire me!

So without a further a do here are my New Year’s Resolutions!

1. Utilize the Morning Hours

I, for one, am horrible at this. I treasure my sleep above everything else. Yet, I have found that the days I do wake up at a decent hour in the morning( you know before 10 am) I feel the most inspired! I have so much energy, I get stuff done I wouldn’t have if I woke up at noon, I end up setting goals for the day, I just overall feel happier and more productive. I love this resolution because it’s also so broad, you can throw in so many more mini resolutions! For example, if I’m getting up earlier and utilizing my morningtime: I have time to make a nice, well-balance breakfast and maybe even lunch, as opposed to me running late because I pressed the snooze button one too many times and now I’m in the drive thru ordering an egg mcmuffin! Utilizing these morning hours will also make the day feel less cluttered and the whole day, just overall, way more enjoyable!

2. Stay Organized and On-Schedule

Every year I have bought a cute and aesthetically pleasing planner (sometimes a few of them too) and I never fail to either lose them or just give up in a week of using it. I believe planners can be so beneficial in being productive and definitely could be the cure for a cluttered mind, but sometimes it seems impossible for me to stick to it! I’m almost positive this could quite possibly be the most challenging resolution I have this year, but I WILL become one of those put-together gals that write down to do lists every morning and appointments for the week even if it kills me dammit! This is where utilizing my morning hours really comes in to play because, with my morning coffee anything is possible! Even horrible boring to do lists!

3. Keep Your Hands Manicured and Toes Pretty

I know this one at first either sounds a little odd, or a little vain, heck that’s what I would think! Trust me though, there is a reason behind this amazingly easy and wonderful resolution. For the past few weeks I’ve been filling my free time browsing through Pinterest, as us humans do, and I was paying a good bit of attention to the self progress posts (duh because New Year, New Me inspiration of course,) and I came across a post about being a more put-together you. Immediately caught my attention because what woman doesn’t want to look effortlessly put-together all the time?! Here’s the answer: EVERY WOMAN. Well, among the many great tips on how to be more put-together, keeping your nails and toes done really intrigued me! Because not only is that pretty easy and quite frankly enjoyable, but it makes so much sense! There is a quote by Coco Chanel that says “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” But I say to you the same goes for a gal who just got her nails done! It instills a sense of confidence, and that can only be productive. Also if you feel tidy and put-together it will transfer into your life and you will find yourself keeping your home, car, maybe even your purse cleaner! Now who does not want that! You can pamper and progress yourself!

4. Take More Road Trips! Whether BIG or small

I am a VERY big fan of the road trip. Last year, I road tripped to Colorado by myself and it was an amazing eye-opening experience. This year I have the goal to drive to Colorado again so my friend can experience the beauty it holds. I hope to drive up the West Coast, go to San Fransisco maybe Sacramento, maybe even Joshua Tree and go camping a few days. I believe it’s just a great resolution to get out and see the world more, nothing inspires like the open road and feeling like you’re one with the world. Nothing inspires like pure beauty. Where do you want your travels to take you this year? Where do you feel most inspired?

5. Try a New Recipe Every Week

I believe cooking and baking is such a wonderful thing! Not only does it get those creative juices flowing, but its good for the tummy and great for the soul! If you can’t tell already, I LOVE COOKING. Even if you do not have the first clue on how to cook or you’ve been feeling uninspired culinary-wise lately, this is a great resolution to have! Trying a new recipe every week sounds easy enough right? It gives you the freedom to choose a meal you might have been dying to try but a little nervous to. It’ll create familiarity with ingredients maybe you haven’t used before. And if you happen to mess it up and burn it or if dinner has gone past the point of resurrection, you can say you’ve tried it and order in some pizza for that week! There is no negative only positive, especially since people who cook really think of it as a sense of therapy and a way to express their creativity! Also, imagine how amazing of a cook you will be by the end of the year! Wink Wink **

and now last but certainly not least

6. Make a New Discovery Every Week

Now this can be taken so many ways, that’s why there is so much beauty and inspiration behind this resolution. Exploration is everywhere, even the tiniest discovery like a new song can feel monumental! I feel that this resolution provides a sense of hope and fuels the soul the most. Whether its discovering a cute little coffee shop in Laguna, or an amazing new hiking trail up the street, or even a new quality in yourself, the possibilities are endless. There is no limit to what you can discover, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish, the limit does not exist.

So let us gather up our resolutions and stick to them! Stick to progress! Stick to making you a better you! Wishing you peace and happiness this 2018!

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You’re such a Peech, Welcome!

You’re such a Peech, Welcome!

Hello Peeches!

My name is Ariana aka the creator of Peechy Keen. I have made it my 2018 goal to take this blog seriously and put some blood and sweat into it. I love the blogging community and everything it inspires! I am currently working on the website making it user friendly and working on the cool gadgets. Peechy Keen is a work in progress but its also a fun way to grow with me. There will be posts being put out while I work out the kinks so come and learn and explore along with me! Contact me for any questions or recommendations!

Peechy Regards,